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Crystal Bracelets can be made from raw pieces of crystal, crystal chips or crystals that has been made into beads & then strung on elastic.


Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds are extremely helpful to use on the nervous system, helps improve brain function, & increase the efficiency of the sensory system.

They bring balance to both hemispheres of the brain, improving communication between them, & by improving the working neurons to combat the neurological effects of ageing.

They are recommended for people who have suffered strokes, epilepsy & the neurological symptoms linked with dementia.

Diamonds can restore neurological connections in the brain, help restore memory & stop the destruction of brain cells ageing & injury.

They are effective at getting rid of allergies & treat all immune system disorders.

Diamonds have a therapeutic effect on the internal organs & can be used to cure problems like constipation & urine retention.

They’re known to restore the function of all organs involved in the removing waste from the body.

Diamonds placed on the lower back, over the kidneys, can help get rid of kidney stones.

They may be used to straighten the jaw, skeletal system & skull.

Diamonds helps cleanse, detoxify, & restore all of the body’s systems.

Diamond – Herkimer

Herkimer Diamond Bead Bracelet

Herkimer Diamond helps to detoxify by stimulating the immunological & regulating system, removing impurities.

It can speed up & intensify all patient recovery.

Herkimer Diamond will bring the system into balance & improve energy transfer by getting rid of spiritual blockages.

It also levels out all of the body’s abnormalities, fixes the cells, & promotes physical renewal.

Herkimer Diamond can help with, cramps, disorientation, dizziness, metabolic stability & seizures .

They are believed to ease insomnia caused by geopathic stress, correct metabolic imbalances & reduce general stress & tension.

It can correct both DNA & RNA imbalances & cellular disorders

Herkimer Diamond will boost your metabolic efforts.

It also helps with vision problems & can be extremely useful in correcting or healing eyesight.


Emerald Bead Bracelet

Emerald is a strong healer of the physical heart, & may be useful in treating the gall bladder, kidneys, liver, lungs, & pancreas, as well as the muscle system & spine.

It helps recovery after infectious illness, & its powerful green ray can help healing of malignant conditions


Fluorite Bead Bracelet

Fluorite is thought to strengthen bones & teeth, & ease the pain linked to arthritis.

It may also be used to improve mental functions by balancing the chemistry in the brain.

Fluorite – Blue John

Blue John Fluorite Bead Bracelet

Blue John Fluorite is thought to strengthen bones & teeth, & ease the pain linked to arthritis.

It may also be used to improve mental functions by balancing the chemistry in the brain.


Garnet Bead Bracelet

Garnet regenerates the body & boosts the metabolism.

It treats disorders of bones, cellular composition & structure, spine & spinal fluid.

Garnet purifies the blood, heart & lungs, & boosts DNA regrowth.

It boosts energy levels & the immune system.

The incredible heat energy that comes from Garnet is enough to release toxins from your body.

Garnets red lustre represents the blood, It keeps blood flow & pressure stable

It also keeps your heartbeat at a proper pace.

Garnets therapeutic effects can be extremely helpful for your metabolism.

It helps give you all the essential nutrients that the body needs from vitamins & minerals.

Goldstone – Blue

Blue Goldstone Chunky Bead Bracelet

Blue Goldstone is useful in sending out healing energy from the heart, throat & third eye chakras.

While this is technically a man-made piece, it does contain copper, which in itself is extremely helpful in the areas of inflammation & increasing your blood flow.

Goldstone – Brown

Brown Goldstone Bead Bracelet

Brown Goldstone can help detoxify the body.

It can also help to strengthen the cardiovascular & neurological systems.

Brown Goldstone can help with bone density & tissue repair.

It can help to ease rheumatism.

Brown Goldstone can ease irritation, as well as protect against germs & infections.

It’s powers may be useful for people with cancer, as they may help with treatments such as chemotherapy.

Goldstone – Green

Green Goldstone Bead Bracelet

Green Goldstone can ease the symptoms of many things, here are a few of them; arthritis, bone disorders & improve bone health, circulation problems, headache & migraine.

It can reduce inflammation, ease joint pain & improve joint health.

Green Goldstone is said to help the nervous system regrow.

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