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Amazonite Bracelet

Amazonite can regulate the metabolism

It’s useful for calcium deficiency & deposits, dental decay & osteoporosis.

Amazonite can help ease muscle spasms.


Amber Bracelet

Amber is said to ease headaches, common colds & flu symptom.

It can be used to help people who suffer chronic pain or long-term illness.

Amber can be used to speed up the metabolism & adjust metabolic problems.

It’s an effective treatment for allergies, especially those that affect the respiratory system.

It’s known to ease rheumatoid arthritis & pains in joints & ligaments.

Amber can boost the endocrine system & improve the heart muscles.

It can heal the glandular system & help with DNA-related problems.

Amber is known to cleanse the blood & help move energies in the body.

It can effectively draw illnesses out of the liver, spleen & stomach.

Amber – Green

Green Amber Bracelet

Green Amber can absorb & get rid of negative energy.

It’s used to heal problems linked to goitre & throat.

Green Amber can be used to cure disorders of the gall bladder & kidneys

It is believed to heal stomach problems.

Green Amber can ease brain & spine problems.

It can improve blood circulation.


Amethyst Chip Bracelet

Amethyst strengthens the cleansing & eliminating organs as well as the immune system & is an excellent blood cleanser.

It’s a very good healing crystal for people who have, or are recovering from cancer.

Amethyst is also seen as the sobering stone, very good for any & all forms of addiction, from alcoholism to anorexia,

Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser, it eases stress & strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings & gets rid of feelings of anger, anxiety, rage & fear.

Amethyst can ease grief & sadness.

It boosts hormone production, tunes the endocrine system & metabolism.

Amethyst strengthens the immune system & reduces pain.

It destroys malignant tumours & helps tissue regrowth.

Amethyst cleanses the blood, eases physical, emotional & psychological pain or stress.

It eases headaches & releases tension.

Amethyst can reduce bruising, injuries, swellings, & treats hearing disorders.

It heals diseases of the lungs & respiratory tract, skin conditions, cellular disorders & diseases of the digestive tract.


Ametrine Bracelet

Ametrine is an exceptional blood cleanser & energiser, it restores the physical body & strengthens the immune system, helps the autonomic nervous system & physical growth, stabilises DNA/RNA, & oxygenates the body.

It heals emotional, mental & physical exhaustion.

Ametrine eases allergies & digestive problems.

It’s recognised as having a very positive effect on people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, depression & stomach problems

Ametrine heals chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), burning sensations, depression, gastric disturbances & ulcers, fatigue, lethargy, tension headaches, & stress related illnesses.

It helps with digestive problems & boosts metabolism.


Ammonite Bracelet

Ammonite can ease the symptoms of depression & tinnitus & improve cell metabolism.

It can heal ear, limb & lung problems.


Angelite Bracelet

Angelite can help treat the circulatory system, infectious diseases, haemoglobin deficiencies, headaches, heart function, throat inflammations & infections & thymus.

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