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Advanced Crystal Grids

Dragon’s Eye

Dragon’s Eye

Because the Dragon’s Eye carrys the power of triangles it is an extremely powerful symbol of protection.

This grid opens your third eye, the spiritual all seeing eye, also known as the eye of insight, which is in the centre of your forehead.

It combines higher & lower & inner & outer vibrations.

The Dragon’s Eye helps you see the beauty within.

It can help you release fears & ingrained emotional blockages that are stopping you from seeing the beauty & mysteries all around you.

It is the perfect grid to help you attract a dragon guardian spirit.

The Dragon’s Eye is in the shape of an upside down equilateral triangle, or an isosceles triangle with a Y joining the three points of the triangle in the centre.

It makes a three sided tetrahedron pyramid, with four triangular faces, six straight edges & four vertex corners, in its three dimensional shape.

Use the Dragon’s Eye grid to blend love & wisdom into power, to help you move between the maiden, mother & crone phases of life, join earth, sea & sky, or to protect you in your everyday & spiritual life.

This grid is extremely useful to use when situations need balance & unity between three points.

You will need to use intuition & protection crystals.

The Dragon’s Eye represents the all seeing eye.

Flower of Life

Bordered Flower of Life
Bordered Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is as old as time & is one of the most important examples of sacred geometry.

It has been thought of as a symbol of self knowledge & knowledge of the universe as a whole for thousands of years.

The Flower of Life grows from the Vesica Piscis, the pattern replicates itself equally around its central point with six axes that remain constant, regardless of how many times the grid is expanded.

The pattern stays the same when it is looked at from all angles & the energetic effect is three dimensional.

The centre of each circle is put on the circumference of one of the surrounding circles.

The Flower of Life is created by nineteen overlapping circles, which create thirteen arcs around the edge of an unbordered Flower.

The Flower of Life can be expanded indefinitely by adding additional overlapping circles coming out from the centre.

The Flower of Life contains the following shapes within it; the Seed of Life, the Fruit of Life, the Merkaba, Metatron’s Cube, the Platonic solids & the Vesica Piscis.

The foundational form of the Flower of Life is the circle.

Use Blue Kyanite, Herkimer Diamond, Imperial Topaz, Rhodozite, Rhodochrosite & Clear, Rose & Smoky Quartz



The Labyrinth is a journey of discovery into your deepest Inner Self through the passage of time & it combines change, growth, progress & transformation.

You walk into your inner core when you walk the sacred labyrinth; the journey helps you become complete & centred at your core.

The labyrinth constantly expands your vision of your possibilities & what your soul intended for you on your journey through life, it helps you listen intently & see things clearer.

The pattern of the labyrinth shows the two poles of the body & the flow of essential energies around them; ‘above lies the ridges of the surface of the brain & ‘below’ are the coiled intestines.

It is a very useful grid to use in the environment, or walked as a meditation practise.

The labyrinth represent the Inner Self.

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