The Chakra Rainbow

I will go into detail of each chakra, giving you a practical basis for you to continue your research into your chakras.

Despite the fact you can’t see your chakras, their effects are very deep.

If you see things when you meditate you will become more aware of your chakra energy.

You will be able sense which chakra needs to be worked on, you will also be able to sense why you feel the way you do.

Chakra Growth & Nourishment

Your body needs four basic sources of nourishmentair to breathe, electrical/fire energy, including energy that passes along the nerves of your physical body, food for growth, prana & water for metabolism; prana flows through your chakras & aura.

The colours in your aura reflect the spiritual life changes, as you grow from a child to an adult.

In the first seven years of your life, auric colours are developing in intensity.

As a child grows, the colours of light passing through their chakras should stay balanced.

Chakra energy can be blocked or depleted by a lack of nourishment or other problems.

When the seventh seven year cycle is completed, about age forty nine a transition starts from the need to have a strongly active sex life.

You may find that you need materialistic possessions less, as an incoming of cosmic energy starts a life changing process through the higher chakras above the heart.

As this happens, a lightening & refinement of colours can be seen in your aura, showing that faster vibrations of light are passing through your chakras.

This feeds your chakras, helping your full potential shows itself.

The Lotus Blossom

The chakras are traditionally shown as lotus blossoms
There are a few similarities between a human & a lotus flower: It has roots that are in muddy water – human failings, it sends a long shoot through the water as it grows – your emotions, until the bud reaches the surface & opens to the sun, showing a beautiful golden heart – your potential.

Chakras can be described as open or closed flowers positioned along your spine – Sushumna nadi.

From base to crown each chakra is related to a number of petals on the lotus blossom.

Each set of petals are the colour of that particular chakra & represents the flow of prana through the nadis & the degree of spiritual practice needed to balance the chakra.



Chakras in other cultures

Chakra teaching were developed within the Indian yogic system, making it easier to be able to understand the idea of subtle energy in every day life.

Many other countries around the world that refer to the chakras.


Zarathushtrianism is one of the world’s oldest continuously practised religions, which is still used in India.

It was called Zoroastrianism when it was the national religion of Iran.

Zarathustrian priest doctors say there are sixteen main chakras within your aura, which are connected to your bran & organs.

The chakras are fed with cosmic energy from the twenty seven visible constellations of stars.

Light force – Athre comes from the stars & goes through the forcefield of the solar system, past the outer planets to Jupiter, where it’s sent to the inner forcefield of the sun, Mars, Venus & Mercury, then to earth & your chakras.

The Maya of Central America

The Maya call the chakras the great powers, a chakra is often seen on their human shaped carvings, shown as an ‘O’ with another circle inside, this is called ol; it means knowledge & consciousness.

The heart chakra is often marked with a ‘G’, or spiral, which represents the Milky Way, or ‘egg essence’, where we originate & where we return after death.

It is thought that the Naga Maya brought their culture to India in 2700 BCE, from there Mayan teachings spread to other parts of Asia & Africa.

The Maya say that our bodies are sacred temples that combine the seven great powers of light through the chakras in the form of a winding serpent.

Some Indian & Mayan words are similar: chakra – Indian, chacla – Mayan, kundalini – Indian & kultanlilni – Mayan.

The Tibetans

Tibetan mystical Buddhists call the aura ‘the rainbow of liberated energy’ & give five colours to the chakra elements of earth, air, fire, water & spirit – although they use the Eastern idea of the elements in their acupuncture systems & calendars.

Western Myth & Legend

Medieval paintings & writing show the dragon as a metaphor for sexual energy that needed to be controlled – i.e. the story of St. George, who pinned a dragon to the ground with his sword.

The fearsome dragon described the powerful sexual drive of the first chakra & the sword was a sword of light, the channel of energy that sexuality could be converted.

It is said that in Arthurian myths, stories about the Knights of the Round Table & their quest for the Holy Grail include deeply hidden esoteric teachings about the chakras.

The knights go on many adventures that stimulate the lower chakras, as the story moves towards the Grail cup/chalice. The Grail cup/chalice was a symbol of the heart chakra.

The story is based on asking a question in order to be shown the purity of the Grail mass.

When a knight asked the right question, the flow of energy at his throat chakra is unlocked.

An inner vision is activated in the brow/third eye chakra, as a result, that gives every person who sees the Grail mass, a different insight, providing him with the spiritual food that he needs.

The food comes from above, through the crown chakra & fills the chalice of his heart.

The story shows the search for a mystical union with God.



Chakra Protection Exercise

Whenever you do energy work you can finish by doing the following suggestion’

If you have been meditating on your own, imagine your chakra energy as the petals of a flower.

When you have finished meditating, visualise the petals of each chakra closing one by one, until the flower is completely closed & at rest.

If you are doing healing work with a friend, prepare each chakra for normal energy flows by visualising yourself drawing a circle of light around it, then seal it with a cross, pentagram or another positive symbol of your own spiritual practice.

The influence of life cycles

The Influence Of Life Cycles

The Sacred Seven

Seven year life cycles are described in various schools of spiritual development.

An Austrian artist, mystic & seer, Rudolf Steiner, who founded Anthroposophy – inspired study of spiritual essence of human & the cosmos, believed that understanding the seven year cycles of human growth was fundamental to our development.

Yogic teaching links the seven sacred chakras to seven year periods, starting at birth in the base/root chakra & working upwards through each of your chakras.

You will begin another seven year cycle on your fiftieth birthday, starting at your base/root chakra at a higher vibration of energy & a higher learning experience.

Each year within the seven year period is affected by the next chakra.

For example: as you reach your fourth birthday the overall influence comes from your base chakra, with annual influence from the colour green.

This is a time in a child’s development when loving security is vital in order to be able to begin loving relationships.

By the time a child is in their fifth year, loving security enables greater expression & vocalisation of loving care to others.

A person coming up to their fortieth birthday will be under the influence of the sixth chakra – brow & the colour turquoise.

The fortieth year should be a time of inner personal tuition, moving energy from concerns of the physical body to the development of higher chakra energy of the fifth – throat, through intuitive communication with others.

Below are a couple of lists you can use to work out what chakra & colour will influence your spiritual development.

Chart One: Basic Understanding Within Each Seven Year Cycle

Years 0-7 & 50-56

First chakra cycle, keywords: connection to the earth & material world, life force energy.

Years 8-14 & 57-63

Second chakra cycle, keywords: creativity, enthusiasm, exploration & sensuality

Years 15-21 & 64-70

Third chakra cycle, keywords: development of feelings & personality & wisdom.

Years 22-28 & 71-77

Fourth chakra cycle, keywords: compassion, development of healing skills in self & others, love & selflessness.

Years 29-35 & 78-84

Fifth chakra cycle, keywords: communication, independence, inspiration, open to higher development & self expression.

Years 36-42 & 85-91

Sixth chakra cycle, keywords: realisation of inner sense – clairvoyance & intuition & responsibility.

Years 43-49 & 92-98

Seventh chakra cycle, keywords: enlightenment, time of inner work & unity.

Chart Two: Basic Understanding Within Each One Year Cycle

Each year is coloured in the following way, in a repeating spiral of development.

First year of life: red energy, keywords: action, invigoration & primordiality.

Root Chakra

Second year of life: orange energy, keywords: creativity & exploration

Sacral Chakra

Third year of life: yellow energy, keywords: expansion & limitless possibility.

Solar Plexus

Fourth year of life: green energy: keywords: expression of inner goodness & love

Heart Chakra

Fifth year of life: blue energy: keywords: communication & protection

Throat Chakra

Sixth year of life: indigo energy: keywords: deepening experience.

Third Eye Chakra

Seventh year of life: violet energy: keywords: contemplation & inner transition.

Crown Chakra



Dowsing Rods

A way of finding water using a hazel twig is called dowsing.

Subtle energies can be sensed by using two L shaped metal rods.

You can do this by bending a couple of pieces of wire that are eighteen inches long, a metal coathanger is perfect.

If you hold a rod in each hand, pointing forward you can find the energy fields of animal, humans & plants.

Ask a specific question i.e. show me the edge of the cat/dogs aura & the rods will immediately move outward as the edge of the cat/dogs aura is reached, you can ask where your chakras are.

A lot of people make rods from a bent piece of meta about eighteen inches long – an old metal coathanger would be ideal.

You can find the energy fields of animals, humans & plants, by holding a rod in each hand.

Make sure you ask a specific question such as: “show me the edge of the dogs aura” – the rods will spontaneously move outward as the edge of the dogs aura is reached.

As you ask the rods a question, hold them pointing forward.

Protecting Your Chakras

Some people can take energy from you, they are sometimes called energy vampires.

They crave more energy for themselves & the only way they know how to get it is to ‘steal it’.

If you’re going into a difficult situation with another person or group, you can quickly protect your chakras by mentally wrapping a cloak of light around you.

Start above your head & draw it around you in an egg shape & finish at your feet.

Nobody will know what you are doing, but you will feel a lot better.

Energy Exercise

Ask a friend to help you with this.

Sit opposite them, hold the palms of your hands up to theirs without touching.

You may feel tingling or a warm sensation..

Next, both of you shut your eyes, one of you becomes the giver & one the receiver of energy.

What do you feel? Does it feel different if you’re giving or receiving energy?

You might sense the energy from your partner’s hands pushing or pulling you.

You may be really sensitive & you can pick up the emotional state of your friend, or you might not feel anything the first time you try.

Practise with other friends so you experience different kinds of energy.

Always wash your hands in cold water when you’ve finished, so you don’t hold on to somebody elses energy.



How To Sense Your Subtle Energies

To be able to see your subtle energies, you need to be relaxed, below are a few ideas you can try to prepare yourself, use them as often as you want to.


Switch off your mobile phone & anything else that could distract you.

Have a bath/shower – this will clean & tighten your auric field.

Sit quietly & practice pranic breathing.

Your goal is to slow down your brain function to a state of quiet calm – the state you can achieve is similar to deep relaxation & prepares you for mediation.


Say you want to see your aura for positive reasons, if you treat this as a party game, it won’t work.

If you are mediating, using yoga, or other spiritual traditions, your ability to see energy will improve, the more you practice.

Seeing Your Aura

Stand in front of a dark background in a candlelit room, with a mirror in front of you.

Look past your image with a soft gaze & you may start to see your energy field.

You may want to ask a friend to stand in front of the dark background & look past them with a soft gaze.

Don’t panic if you don’t succeed straight away, it won’t happen instantly, if you panic, your brainwaves will go back to normal activity levels & you will have to start again.

Once you have learned to see an aura like this, you might start seeing colours moving around or the spiral flow of your chakras.

Sensing Your Chakras

Ask a friend to help you to learn to sense their chakras & over time you will be able to sense your own chakras in the same way.

Ask your friend to lay down & use the palms of your hands to scan your friends body without touching it.

Keep your hands about five inches away from your friends body.

You may start to feel, not see different types of energies – they might be active, inactive or hot & cold.

Don’t talk while doing this as you won’t be able to sense any energy flow.

Shake you hands when you have finished to get rid of any unwanted energy, then swap places with your friend & ask them to sense your chakras.



Types Of Yoga

Usually, the following types of yoga are used to bring each chakra into alignment.

Hatha & Kundalini yoga for your first chakra (Muladhara)

Bhakti for your second chakra (Svadisthana)

Tantra yoga for your third chakra (Manipura)

Karma yoga for your fourth chakra (Anahata)

Mantra yoga for your fifth chakra (Vishudda)

Jnana & Yantra yoga for your sixth chakra (Ajna)

The practice of all the different types of yoga just mentioned stimulate your seventh chakra (Sahasrara) & transcendental consciousness happens immediately.

Whichever type of yoga you practice, your chakras must be activated upwards, from your feet to your head.

This guarantees that your personal growth is grounded (with the element of earth) & balanced first at your base chakra.

Kundalini – The Serpent Of Fire

At your base chakra is the coiled serpent of Kundalini – the sexual urge & your primary means of sensing life.

In the East, Tantric practices have been developed to move sexual energy from your base to your higher chakras.

Yoga moves the Serpent Fire slowly through your chakras.

It increases your connection to nature & improves your sex drive in your first chakra.

It improves your understanding of others in your second chakra.

It improves your digestion in your third chakra.

It improves your heart function & the ability to feel love in your fourth chakra.

It helps you to express yourself in your fifth chakra.

It improves creativity in your sixth chakra.

It improves your ability to sleep & experience altered states of consciousness in your seventh chakra.

The final stage is a blissful spiritual experience.

Keeping Your Chakras Healthy

Your chakras & aura carry a blueprint of information from the cosmos.

They are like a mould or pattern that life pours itself into.

If you are exposed to pollution or infections, your chakras struggle to remain healthy.

You can help yourself a lot by doing chakra visualisation exercises & thinking positively.

If you waste your energy worrying about things you can’t control your stress levels will rise & your body will complain by giving you signs of illness, such as, lack of energy, tiredness, not being able to eat certain foods & mood swings, bags under your eyes, depression or irritability.

These can be early signs that subtle pranic energies entering through your chakras can’t keep up with the speed of your lifestyle.

As a result, you may experience cravings for alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, processed foods, sweets, fingernails that break easily, food allergies, hair in poor condition, muscle cramps & yeast infection (candida).

The more you worry about things, it is possible you may become ill on a regular basis; it is at this point you need to supplement traditional medicine with energy medicine.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is an all inclusive term used to describe the complementary practice & therapies that move & increase energy to improve the health of your body.

Complementary therapies are usually holistic – they treat the whole person & have a positive effect on your aura & chakras.

Therapies That Can Improve Your Chakras

The following therapies restore balance to your chakras & can also work on specific levels of your aura.

First chakra – Base

Base/Root Chakra

Your connection to your physical body.

Chiropractic, homeopathy, massage & osteopathy.

Second chakra – Sacral

Sacral Chakra

The etheric levels of your aura.

Acupuncture, herbalism, shiatsu, tai chi & yoga

Third chakra – Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra

The emotional levels of your aura.

Affirmations, counselling, flower essences, intuitive aromatherapy massage & relaxation techniques.

Fourth chakra – Heart

Heart Chakra

The mental level of your aura.

Colour light therapy, crystal healing & meditation.

Fifth chakra – Throat

Throat Chakra

The higher mental level of your aura.

Gem elixirs, metamorphic technique – working on the spinal reflexes of your feet, hands & head that relate to your prenatal period, radionics – holistic energy healing & toning sounds.

Sixth chakra – Third Eye/Brow

Third Eye/Brow Chakra

The spiritual level of your aura.

All forms of spiritual healing & Reiki – a type of hands on energy healing.

Seventh chakra – Crown

Transcendental meditation.

Your seventh chakra can’t be fully opened unless your other six chakras are balanced.


Programming Crystals

When you programme a crystal, whether it’s a tumblestone (tumbles/shinies), a raw piece, a piece of jewellery, or any other crystal item you are using, you are telling it what to do.

Before you programme anything, I suggest you find somewhere quiet, like your bedroom, shut the door & turn off your mobile, so you won’t be disturbed.

Sit quietly, relax & clear you mind for a few minutes before you begin, this will help you focus when you start programming your crystals.

If you choose a blue crystal to programme for healing, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, go with your intuition, there is no right or wrong crystal to use.

I was making a healing grid & all the crystals except one were green & when I tried to change a few of them for blue crystals, they kept rolling off the grid, so I left the green crystals where they were.

I have two sets of six tumbles I use to relieve the symptoms of MS & epilepsy; I have one set on me, while the other one is cleansing & charging, the sets are made up of one of each the following crystals, a kambaba jasper, a blue chalcedony, a red tigers eye, a citrine, a malachite & a clear quartz.

MS/epilepsy relief tumbles

When I need a fresh set of tumbles I use the set that has been cleansed & charged & are ready to programme while the other set is cleansing.

I sit in my spiritual room, shut the door, light some incense – usually sage & relax for a few minutes before I start, when I feel ready, I hold each one in turn & programme it to protect me from the effects of a fit, when I feel I have programmed enough energy into it, I put it to one side & when all the others are done, I put them in a medium velvet pouch, so I can carry them with me throughout the day.

I also put them under my pillow at night to protect me while I’m asleep.

The tumbles are able to protect me for about a month before I need to use fresh ones.

The crystals you have programmed can be used for as long as you want to.

When you have been using crystals for a while, you will notice when they start to lose their power; when this happens, just cleanse & charge them for a few hours, then they are ready to be programmed again.



Meditation & Relaxation

Relaxation methods are modern day survival techniques, which should be learned when you not under a lot of stress.

When you are stressed you will find all sorts of reasons for not starting to meditate & relax.; if you don’t recognise & deal with stress, the increased effects of it can be bad for your health.

A relaxed body is essential for meditation – if your body is still, your mind follows, when your mind is still, meditation can begin.

Chakras & the elements

Your chakras need to be kept in balance for your mental, physical & spiritual health to be at its best.

Sometimes chakras are called closed or open, a better description is active or passive, because it reflects the movement of energy through them.

Different kinds of natural elemental energy provide food for your chakras.

Recognising their qualities makes it much easier for you to balance your chakras.

If you practice relaxation exercises, you will be able to sense whether your chakras are responding to the flow of natural elemental energy.

The Elements

There are five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit, each has its own character, qualities & strengths.

Each of the seven chakras is linked with one of these elements.

You can work with the elements to help clear blockages in your chakras caused by the pressures of every day life.

By keeping your chakras clear of blockages, you will improve your ability for spiritual development; don’t think of the elements as abstract ideas, esoteric teachings give them form, i.e. beings, goddesses or gods.

Earth Elementals: Are beings who live in & through the earth dimension, i.e. crystals, fairies, gnomes, goddesses, gods, mountains, trees & trolls.

Working with these energies helps you develop your base chakra & is linked with the Indian element of Prithivi.

Air Elementals: Are beings who live in & through the air dimension i.e. fairies & goddesses & gods linked to mountaintops.

Understanding these energies completes your heart/lung connection strengthens your heart chakra & is linked to the Indian element of Vayu.

Fire Elementals: Are beings who live in & through the fire dimension, i.e. keepers of sacred flames & salamanders.

Understanding fire elementals improves your solar plexus chakra, helps the conversion & absorption of food into colour/light/pranic energy & improves your awareness of the Indian element of Tejas.

Water Elementals: Are beings who live in & through the water dimension, i.e. guardians of sacred springs & wells, river goddesses & gods & water spirits – undines.

These elements are linked to your sacral chakra, the sacred waters of your body & the Indian element of Apas.

The above four elementals work with your first four chakras, your chakras above the heart vibrate better with the spiritual realms better than the elemental & the Indian words linked to the spiritual realms are Akasha (space), Atman (soul), Dik (direction in space) & Kala (time).

The Energy Pathways

According to yogi tradition, there are seventy two thousand energy channels called nadis within your subtle body, that connect your aura & chakras to your physical body.

Some of these channels, or meridians are used in acupuncture.

Meditation & yoga focus on three nadis thought to be the primary channels, in order to purify them & enable life force, or prana to flow freely.

Ida Nadi:

The left, or lunar channel, which is connected to the right side of your brain, flowing down to the base of your spine.

Pingala Nadi:

The right, or solar channel, which is connected to the left side of your brain, flowing down to the base of your spine.

Sushumna Nadi:

The great channel nadi, which is connected to your spine & your central nervous system.

The Ida & Pingala nadis cross & recross the Sushumna at your seven chakra points & meet up at your brow chakra, bringing a spiral of energy through your body, centred around your spine.



Chakra Balance

Each of your chakras has certain powers & qualities helping it to work with, or balance nearby chakras, i.e. your throat chakra is concerned with all types of communication.

If you have developed unconditional love in your heart chakra & both chakras have been opened, you will speak with loving passion; if your brow/third eye chakra has been opened, your voice will reflect higher level insights.


Animals also have chakras; their lower chakras are more active than yours & their crown chakras are different because their spines are horizontal & they don’t develop spirituality as humans do.

Chakra qualities

Below is a list of the positive chakra qualities that flow & help one another:

Base Chakra – balance, root of collective consciousness & vitality.

Sacral Chakra – feminine principle, joy, oneness with nature & purifying.

Solar Plexus Chakra – masculine principle, solar/cosmic force & understanding knowledge.

Heart Chakra – balance, compassion, healing & unconditional love.

Throat Chakra – Communication, creative self expression & sending.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra – Insight & intuition.

Crown Chakra – Transformation, universal consciousness & wisdom.

The Indian Tradition

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning joining or union.

It is a system of Indian philosophy that combines three aspects of your life energy – mental, physical & spiritual .

Its techniques train your body & mind through good diet, exercise, meditation & relaxation; deep breathing exercises control the flow of life force, or prana through your chakras.

The physical postures, or asanas & the mental & physical training done in yoga promote physical & spiritual well being.

The development & function of your chakras in controlling the flow of prana is the most important thing in yogic tradition.

Knowledge of chakras is taken from the most ancient written texts in the world, which includes the Hathapradipika, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Bhagavad Gita.

Meditation, relaxation & yoga positions safely activate your chakras; anyone of any age or physical ability can learn relaxation techniques & practice some form of yoga.

The Indian tradition of Chakras

All of the chakras are shown with a certain number of petals, that match the number of nadis flowing from them. Nadis are the nerve channels in your astral body.

Base/Root Chakra – Muladhara

Base/Root Chakra

It is coloured red, looks like a circle with four petals round the outside, with a downward pointing triangle in the centre, linked to your testes/ovaries, located at the bottom of your spine, linked to your sense of smell & is known as Padmasana.

Sacral – Svadisthana

Sacral Chakra

It is coloured orange, looks like a circle with six petals & a crescent moon in the centre, linked to your adrenal glands, located three inches below your belly button, linked to your sense of taste & is known as Paschimotanasana.

Solar Plexus – Manipura

Sacral Chakra

It is coloured yellow, looks like a circle with ten petals round the outside, with a downward pointing triangle in the centre, inked with your pancreas, located between your belly button & the bottom of your ribs & is known as Bhujangasana.

Heart Chakra – Anahata

Heart Chakra

It is green, looks like a circle with twelve petals round the outside, with a hexagram in the centre, linked with your thymus gland, located at the centre of your chest & is known as Virabhadrasana.

Throat Chakra – Vishudda

Throat Chakra

It is blue coloured, looks like a circle with sixteen petals round the outside, with a crescent in the centre, linked with your thyroid/parathyroid glands, located in your throat, linked to your sense of hearing & is known as Halasana & Matsyasana.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra – Anja

Brow/Third Eye Chakra

It is indigo coloured, looks like a circle with either two, or ninety six petals round the outside, with an upside down triangle & the Om symbol on top in the centre, located between your eyebrows, linked with your sense of hearing & is known as Nataraja asana.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Crown Chakra

It is violet coloured, looks like a circle with nine hundred & seventy two, or a thousand petals round the outside, linked with your pineal gland, located at the top of your head, linked with all your senses & is known as Bakasana & Sirasana.



Light & Conception

It is thought that when a soul decides to incarnate on the earth, the incoming soul selects its parents, & during conception, the upward opening crown chakras of the parents together draw in the soul; the downward opening base chakras receive sexual energy & the collective life force of every living thing on earth, which streams into the soul as an embryo is created.

Cosmic light from the stars pours through the crown chakra of the mother.

Spectroscopic analysis of starlight shows elements known on the earth as minerals.

Your physical body also contains minerals such as, iron, magnesium, calcium & boron.

Spectroscopic analysis is a process that is done to work out element type, chemical make up, optical & electronic properties & crystallinity – how crystals are formed.

The body of each incarnating soul receives the life force energy of the universe, human consciousness is the star seeded jewel of life.

Healing Light

Some energy healers are able to see or sense the condition of auric fields & chakras, sometimes they even sense disease before it shows itself in your body.

These healers often have the ability of channel healing from the source of Creation to use a positive healing effect on your chakras, allowing your body to heal itself.

Major & Minor Chakras

As well as the seven well known major chakras, there are twenty one minor, or secondary ones.

Your minor chakras are linked to the following areas of your body: one on the sole of each foot, one behind each knee, one for each of your reproductive organs, two for your spleen, one for your stomach, one near your liver, one in the palm of each hand, one on each breast, one on each collarbone, one behind each eye, one on each temple & one near your thymus gland.

You can think if the minor chakras as subtle energy defenders of your body & the seven major chakras are your body’s guardians.

Energy Flows

Your first chakra – The base chakra is the source of life, it is from here that your physical body is created & grows.

At auric field level, your base chakra is linked to the minor chakras in your feet, knees & reproductive organs; this is because, in addition to energy flowing around your spinal area, energy also flows into your body through your feet, upwards along your legs, to the base of your spine.

The movement of energy focused through your major chakras is generally linked with your endocrine glands, which produce hormones, stimulating the physiological processes.

Your minor – secondary chakras connect with your lymphatic vascular system.

This carries excess fluid & unwanted waste from body cells, helping your body fight disease & infection.

The Alto Major Chakra is at the base of the back of your skull & is linked with survival patterns & memory traces that have been inherited from your prehistoric ancestors.

The Thymus Chakra may be one of your minor chakras, but it is important in its own right as a developing energy centre, with a specific ability to fight attack from environmental pollution & invading viruses.

It is linked to pale blue or pale pink colour.