The Rose Of Love

Your heart is where compassion & unconditional love develop.

These can activated by balancing your heart chakra with the colour green & then using a soft pink.

Sometimes, the chakra is seen as a beautiful rose – pink for love, red for energy & white for purity.

Heart Chakra Imbalances

Your heart chakra is responsible for circulating air & oxygenated blood through your body.

If there are any blockages in the heart chakra, they could show themselves as heart or lung disease, the flow of lymph could also be affected.

When your heart chakra & it’s two minor chakras – thymus & kalpatree are fully balanced, your physical body automatically enters a state where its basic survival needs are met.

Then these chakras really get to work developing acceptance, contentment, forgiveness, harmony, openness & peace, all of which are features of Divine unconditional love.

Taking Nature To Heart

In Western culture people have become quite separate from the natural world, seeing it as out there to be enjoyed at the weekend only; which is a shame, because as we’re part of the natural world, our actions & thoughts have an effect on it.

This happens mainly through your heart chakra.

When you actively work on developing your heart chakra for positive personal growth, you will automatically be more in tune with nature.

There’s a lot to learn from people who still live simple lives, with few material goods.

They often shine with an inner spirit & brilliance, not often seen in people who live busy modern cities; this is because their whole way of living has intensified the flow of energy through their chakras.

Crystals To Activate The Heart Chakra

When people talk about energising/activating a chakra, it means the energy flow to the chakra isn’t flowing freely.

The crystal to use to energise the heart chakra is peridot.


Peridot chips

Peridot is known as chrysolite & olivine, it ranges in colour from brownish green to bright clear green & it’s the bright clear green that’s used to energise the heart chakra.

Peridot energises the heart chakra in many different ways; it’s thought of as a cleansing stone, getting rid of toxins from your aura & physical body.

It helps to get rid of negative emotions that may start in the heart, i.e., anger, envy & hate, by moving them through the heart chakra.

It’s often seen as ‘the stone of relationships’, taking negative emotions that hold us back from truly loving & getting rid of them, replacing them with calmness, compassion & love.



Attraction & Compassion

When people are in love, it’s likely they have found a person whose auric fields compliments yours; earthly love is saying “my aura finds yours attractive, let’s get together”; first responses are about vibrational attraction, secondary responses are about who they want to spend their life with; who would make a good father/mother, who will be there in their darkest moments, & who they can give their love unconditionally to; we are constantly searching for the perfect match & we are sure to meet many challenges along the way.

The Compassion Of Buddha

Because the heart chakra is the source of spiritual fire, it’s sometimes referred to as the purifying fire of the Creator’s love; it’s the sacred fire of devotion & spiritual inspiration.

It’s the fire that transforms our ego, little lives & personal identity into the greater life of Spirit.

Personal identity moves from self, to others, ten to the Divine; when the heart chakra is fully open, it wants other beings to share in the love & peace of infinite awareness.

This is the expression of the compassion of Buddha.

The desire of this special kind of love is expressed in the vow “I won’t leave the earth till ALL beings gain enlightenment” in this tradition.

When unconditional love flows through the heart chakra it gets rid of all negative energy, ‘true love’ always wins, just like in the films; pictures of loving deities can transform us, our eyes meet & we are taken beyond the limits of self.

Enlightened beings – ascended masters such as Buddha or Christ are mirrors of the all embracing, loving spiritual potential in everyone, they take us beyond ego into compassion & unconditionality when we look in their eyes.

The Thymus Chakra

In the centre of your chest, close to your heart is the thymus chakra; it’s a newly recognised chakra.

The way it helps protect your body is essential, this is because you are subjected to all manner of pollutants in the air we breathe, the food we eat & the water we drink.

Doctors used to think the thymus gland shrank in function & size once childhood was over; but it’s since been discovered that it’s an essential part of the body’s bio-defence system & immunity to disease in adulthood.

The thymus chakra needs to be looked after because the thymus gland plays an important & protective role in the body, by reducing the build up of toxins that can weaken the immune system.

Deities Associated With The Heart Chakra



The god energy in charge is called Ishvara or Isa, which means lord or master; he is an aspect of Shiva & overlord of the three lower chakras, because he absorbs passion, it helps to remove any separation between us & the world around us.

Ishvara is shown with three eyes & two arms & his mudras show him giving blessings & getting rid of fears; the greatest blessing Ishvara can give is by strengthening concentration.

We’re able to know our soul lives in us as the Eternal Self, as a spark of creation with concentration; Ishvara opens the delicate petals of the heart, this leads us out of confusion & into freedom.

Air is the heart chakras element & Vagu the god of air & wind, rides on a fleet of black antelope, it is said they pull the chariot of the sun & moon across the sky.


The goddess energy in charge of the heart chakra is Kakini; she is the beautiful protector of devotion, she synchronizes the beat of the cosmos with the beat of our heart.

She holds a noose in one to remind us not to get caught up in spiritual expectation, she holds a skull in the other hand to remind us to keep a pure mind & she makes the same had gestures as Isvara.

Because she has drunk the the precious nectar – Amrita, she is shown as enlightened & happy – amrita flows from the soma chakra.

Despite the noose & skull being negative signs, they encourage us to ‘die’ to our self, to ignorance & to the way of the world, so we can dance the sacred dance of life.



The Fourth Chakra – Heart

Your heart chakra is in the centre of your chest & is connected to two minor chakras; the thymus – a newly developing chakra & the kalpatree.

The colours of light to balance them are bright grass green & pinkish violet or gold.

The word anahata means unstuck & it is the Sanskrit word for heart – the place where the source of creation or sound manifests itself.

Your heart chakra is considered to be a gateway to higher consciousness.

Your hands are included in the flow of heart chakra energies & it’s through them you experience the gift of touch.

When a group of people sit or stand in a circle holding hands, they move a constant wave of energy around the circle – it goes from your left hand, across your chest & out of your right hand.

The heart chakra has twelve red or white petals with a smokey blue/black colour symbolising the element of Air in Tantric teachings.

The Functions Of The Heart Chakra

The twelve petals of the heart chakra represent an attitude of defiance, anxiety, arrogance, discrimination, fraudulence, hope, indecision, impartiality, incompetence, lustfulness, longing & repentance.

It’s linked to the element of air & is the seat the Divine Soul or Higher Self, that is shown by the image of a motionless gold lamp flame, it’s linked with the ages 22 to 28, this is when deep relationships based on mutual love are formed.

Having said that, the heart chakra isn’t primarily about falling in love; it’s not as sentimental kind of love, its fire is fuelled by the love of creation, the same love makes you enjoy the feel of soft rain or the scent of a flower.

Your heart chakra is at the centre of your radiant auric body, use bright grass green light to balance your heart chakra.

The twelve petals of the lotus flower are shown in this colour.

The heart chakra is the midpoint of the seven chakras & the midpoint on your body, & it’s thought to be the gateway to higher consciousness.

Health Issues & The Heart Chakra

Your heart is part of your circulatory system & is a hollow muscle that pumps oxygen rich blood from your lungs to all parts of your body.

Someone’s heart will have beaten 3,000 million times by the times they reach their seventies.

The blood has three major functions, they are: carries food oxygen & water & all forms of prana, it takes away waste products through the kidneys, liver & lungs & it also carries important parts of the immune system.

Associated Body System

Many people suffer from medically diagnosed heart disease, such as disturbed heart rhythm, aortic, muscular & valvular disease & infections.

Heart disease is not just a physical issue, high blood pressure can be the first sign of underlying mental strain tat is often caused by bottled up anger, frustration & stress.

The health of the physical heart will improve if past emotional pain & traumas.

Sexual issues need to be treated through the base & sacral chakras, because when they get mixed up with the heart centre, which naturally revolves towards unconditional love, confusion occurs.

Depending on the physical signs that are shown, green colour therapy may be used to rebalance the heart, then move the red energy back down the base chakra, where it can be worked with & got rid of.

Associated Endocrine Gland

The endocrine gland tat is linked to the heart is the thymus gland that starts the movement of the body’s defences during injury or illness.

The Heart Chakra & Emotional Issues

Romantic love is driven by the constant search for union with the source of love.

When we give unconditional love to others, we receive the highest form of romantic love; if we learn to respect other peoples feelings, we will feel peace within ourselves.



Solar Plexus continued

Gut Feelings

Gut feeling means to sense something at a very deep level, this is your solar plexus in action, part of to compare bad & good feelings.

You may have felt butterflies in your stomach, or the entire area tightening up just before an important event happens; this is a sign your solar plexus is closing down a little, pulling in & slightly away from your physical body to protect itself.

The root of your emotions is in this chakra, your emotions are processed through your solar plexus, where fire energy burns them up; the ashes of the burned emotions need to be raked out every so often in order for the fire to continue to burn strongly, the same as a real fire.

The idea is to rise above a constant stream of negative energy – don’t become emotionless & uncaring, but to register, understand & release them.

Your solar plexus will stay in constant balance & is able to stop emotional stress when you do this.

Crystals To Energise The Solar Plexus

You can use yellow topaz or yellow tourmaline to energise your solar plexus.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

You can get topaz in many different colours, but choose clear bright yellow for the solar plexus.

You don’t need an expensive cut or polished topaz, a small raw piece will work just as well.

Topaz helps realign energies & brings a golden radiance into your auric field.

It is traditionally a crystal of fortune & love.

Topaz has excellent energetic properties, it is great for helping digestion, gall bladder & liver, plus, it can also help with the digestion of ideas at a mental level.

Yellow Tourmaline

Raw Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is very focused in a directional manner & can balance the two sides of the brain & the male/female energies.

Use the crystal to cut away, or draw out blockages, rather than placing the crystal on the solar plexus; this helps the solar plexus to function properly, to improve deep sadness, grief, hopelessness, intolerance & stress.

Crystals To Calm The Solar Plexus

A calming/slowing down of energies passing in & out of the chakra will help concentration & general well being, this will help you meditate, study or work at a deeper level.

If there is tension in the solar plexus, the energy is blocked at the lower three chakra & won’t be able to rise to the heart chakra.

The solar plexus is closely linked to the way we think.

Because yellow is linked with the solar plexus, it encourages us to think & stimulates our brain.

The crystals/gemstones to calm the solar plexus are emerald & sapphire.


Raw Emerald

When emerald is used on the solar plexus it can calm imbalances that are linked to diabetes, it can also be used for the eyes, liver & sinuses.


Blue Sapphire Pendant

You can get sapphires in many different colours.

Use blue sapphire to calm the solar plexus.

It will open you up to higher spiritual realms by calming your physical body, it brings deep serenity & wisdom; it should be placed on the solar plexus, or held within the aura at a comfortable distance.

It regulates the endocrine system energetically & is great if you are going through a stressful time.

Crystals To Balance The Solar Plexus


Raw Citrine Bed

Citrine is a great crystal for balancing the solar plexus.

You can use a cluster, small point or a tumble, try & buy tumbles that are clear yellow in colour, rather than dark treacle brown, as this has been heat treated & its power has been changed.

Citrine has a receptive vibration with pranic energy coming from the sun.

It cleanses, energises & warms.

Citrine balances the vibrational field so we can walk consciously on the earth.

A great way to activate the solar plexus is looking at the sun with your eyes half closed & visualise the energy being focused on the solar plexus & the rest of your body.

Solar Plexus Overview

Indian Name: Manipura

Associated Element: Fire

Symbol: Ten petaled lotus flower

Colour Of Petals: Yellow – gold

Indian God & Goddess: Lakini & Rudra


Indian Animal: Ram

Key Issues: Anxiety, fear, introversion & power

Energy Function: Converts pranic & solar energy

Physical Location: Between your belly button & the bottom of your sternum

Associated Spinal Area: Seventh & eighth thoracic vertebra

Physiological System: Digestive, metabolic

Endocrine Gland: Islets of Langerhans( groups of cells in your pancreas)

Nerve Plexus: Solar plexus

Activity: Movement

Body Sense: Sight

Inner Aspect: Opinion & personal power

Life Lesson: Honouring the wisdom of other people, leading to your personal empowerment

Physical Action: Digestion

Mental Action: Power

Emotional Action: Expansiveness

Spiritual Action: Growth

Gemstone To Energise: Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Emerald Earrings

Crystal To Balance: Citrine

Citrine Tumbles

Essential Oil: Sage

Sage Essential Oil

Planets: Moon & sun

Metals: Gold & Silver

Native American Animal: Birds

Colour To Balance/Energise: Golden yellow

Colour To Calm: Violet



Solar Plexus continued

Deities Associated With The Solar Plexus



Rudra is the god of fire & storms, he is also the god of the solar plexus.

He is the destructive aspect of Shiva, but he can give blessings.

Rudra is a reminder that riding life’s storms can strengthen us.

He is known as the Divine Archer who shoots arrows of death & disease.

Rudra has to be asked not to injure or kill in his anger.

He is often shown having red or white skin – representing life or death, as having three eyes, having two arms that show the gestures of giving blessings & getting rid of fears.

He is known as the Lord of Cattle & is shown riding a bull called Nandi..

When Rudra is shown as white, it’s because he’s covered in ashes, proving he has overcome ego & fears, changing himself through fire into the worlds of Spirit.



Lakini is one of the shaktis linked with the digestion of food in the human body.

Because she is Rudra’s wife, she is the goddess of fire.

Lakini is shown as having black, dark blue, pale or deep red or vermilion coloured skin, three eyes, or three heads with three eyes on each face, inviting us to understand the astral, celestial & physical planes of existence.

She is shown as having four arms, that hold a thunderbolt – symbolising the electrical energy of fire, as well as the heat that radiates from her body & a spear, shot from the bow of Kama – the Lord of Sex & making the hand gestures – mudras of giving blessings & getting rid of fears..

Lakini is shown wearing white or yellow clothes & sits on a red lotus.

Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalances

This is an important area to treat when you are ill.

If negative emotions in your sacral chakra aren’t dealt with, they can rise to your solar plexus & cause it become overactive.

When your solar plexus is overactive can lead to misuse of personal power, an underactive solar plexus can lead to withdrawing from people.

A balanced solar plexus chakra gives you personal empowerment that honours the knowledge & wisdom of other people.

Two horrible diseases are associated with your solar plexus – cancer & diabetes.

When treating diabetes, as holistic practitioner will work with a client to find the reasons why they doesn’t allow sweetness – of personality & taste to be properly absorbed.

When treating cancer sufferers, the solar plexus appears to hold on to raw emotions of anger, fear or hate.

Balancing your solar plexus makes sure it processes the energies from your lower chakras, as well as your heart chakra, this can be done by using crystals, healing, meditation & visualisation & by breathing in the power of the sun.


It does increase your body’s desire to support its own healing.

The Sun

The sun can convert energies from outside our solar system & directs them to the planets.

The sun is regularly used as a metaphor for God, Native Americans, among other cultures, honour their cosmic connections, naming Father Sun, Mother Earth & Sister Moon.

When they honour the sun, they strengthen the connections to their solar plexus, they find pleasure in simple amusements, are less troubled by stress & can have a fiery nature that quickly releases negative emotions.

Offering & prayers to the sun are part of their everyday culture.

Kirlian Photography

This is a specialist area of photography, using what is known as the corona discharge phenomenon – a pattern of electrons flow around a grounded object, it makes a handprint look like a sun with streamers of energy coming from it.

Differences in the patterns on Kirlian photos can be analysed to show imbalances at many levels of your chakras & physical disease.



Solar Plexus chakra continued


Your solar plexus will give out a message of what a bright being you are from within your auric field; this widens your auric field, so people who have clairvoyant sight can see it.

It can extend as light of finer & faster vibrations, beyond the usual distance to ten meters, or more.

Your vibrational field – aura is made up of less visible & finer electrical vibrations as it rises in speed & the further it stretches from your body, as the field extends, the colour inside it decreases, till eventually, in a higher spiritually evolved, or enlightened person, all becomes clear white light, that uninterrupted Divine Light can flow through.

The negative side to the solar plexus are power of others & a reduction of your energy.

People that have an undeveloped solar plexus will dominate with their ego; they won’t be happy with their situation in life, will shut down their inner fire & their aura won’t glow with bright light; they will have energy blocks in their solar plexus & the neighbouring chakras, the whole chakra system will be weakened.

The Solar Plexus & Spiritual Issues

When the solar plexus is unbalanced it can leave you feeling nervous & your energy will be reduced, it could make you feel depressed, fearful & insecure.

Your solar plexus will start to spin as it’s supposed to, in a balanced, focused way when you have dealt with the issues that are making you ill; which means depression becomes joy, fearfulness becomes confidence & insecurity becomes the experience of love in any situation.

The real aim of balancing your chakras is to fit your body to be a temple to Spirit.

You connect to the meaning behind the sun, as a symbol of the Light of Spirit on Earth, through your solar plexus.

Growing Into Spirit

Your soar plexus stokes up the fuel reserves in your body energetically, when its power has been stimulated you feel fearless & obstacles in your way are burned away, on the other hand, it could make some people manipulative & tread on others to get what they want.

The solar plexus turns dreams into reality.

The element of fire is traditionally linked to the solar plexus; it’s got three inner meanings at once; the inner fire, Spirit & sun.

Some people find it hard to rise above the third chakra in order to experience these inner meanings as truths in their lives.

It’s part of society’s conditioning – a sort of cultural hypnosis that keeps people locked in their own physicality, by denying them a personal, vibrant link to Spirit.

By opening up to the possibility of a greater life of Spirit, & the solar plexus starts to balance.

The fire of your body (your inner fire) is consumed & turned to ashes by the power of the fire of the sun as the Light of Spirit in the solar plexus.



The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

The solar plexus chakra is also called the navel chakra, this is because it is located at your navel.

The solar plexus chakra is known as the ‘place of gems’ or ‘shining like a pearl’ in the Indian Tantric tradition; it has ten red petals with a downward pointing triangle, which represents the element of fire, but, in Western traditions, the petals are gold or yellow.

A yogi – yoga master describes this chakra as a city of jewels, because it’s a precious link to your body.

It’s here the element of fire rules & the suns energies are charged with prana are stored.

It’s here that the upward flowing earth energy meets the downward flowing cosmic energy.

This chakra’s action on your body’s glandular system is through your pancreas, which produces insulin & is involved in your body’s ability to absorb sugar.

Your solar plexus chakra stretches from the bottom of your breastbone to your belly button, covering a large area that includes your gall bladder, liver & stomach, the organs that are linked to your digestive system.

Your sympathetic nervous system & the health of your muscles are also linked to it.

The Function Of The Solar Plexus

Many cultures round the world have treasured the energy that is symbolised by the sun.

Solar gods, usually male i.e. Inti – Inca, Ra – Egyptian & Vishnu/Indra – Hindu.

The of the solar plexus is fire.

The Hindu god Agni & goddess Kali are linked with fire & lightening, Kali is usually shown with tongues of flames coming out of her mouth.

Think of your solar plexus as the sun in your body, it draws sunlight into your body as a kind of prana & convert it into a form that lets the flow of vital energies throughout your physical body to be controlled.

It’s a meeting point for lines of subtle energy, the nadis, which control all bodily function, & a powerful physical nerve system as well.

Each of the ten petals has its own meaning, & they are: delusion, disgust, fear,

foolishness, jealousy, sadness, shame, spiritual ignorance, thirst & treachery.

All of these characteristics should be worked on in the solar plexus, before working on your heart chakra.

The three chakras above your heart chakra are responsible for your physical body & notice with your senses, the chakras above your heart are more spiritual.

Health Issue & The Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is linked to a few health issues, & they are: diabetes, digestive problems, cancer & stress.

Associated Body System

The solar plexus is located over one of the main areas of the body that reacts to stress.

This system of nerves can often feel like a tight knot if you press the area just below your breastbone.

You can reduce stress by meditating & ‘feeding’ your chakras with positive energy.

Associated Endocrine Gland

The solar plexus is responsible for sending energy to the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin to lower high blood sugar & glucagons to raise low blood sugar.

Emotional Issue & The Solar Plexus

Nothing exists in isolation, increased pranic energy widens your auric field & goes hand in hand with greater health in your physical body.

We experience the emotions of others by becoming a mirror to them at the solar plexus.

It’s important to keep this mirror bright, so you don’t act like a sponge for others anger or negativity.



Sacral Chakra Continued

Sacral Chakra Imbalances

If your sacral chakra is underactive, there may be an urge to overeat & be more sexually aroused than normal, this could end up giving you chronic skin conditions, disease, food intolerance, impotence & obesity.

An overactive sacral chakra can lead to confused sexuality, unless it’s balanced by the influence of the heart chakra.

Chakra teachings tell us to regain sacral (sacred) equilibrium through breathing exercises, dance, laughter – a good belly laugh, yoga & visualising orange light.

If you eat orange coloured food – carrots, mangoes, oranges & sweet potatoes it will help balance this important chakra.

The sacral chakra is responsible for developing the caring & home making qualities, in both men & women.

All relationships & family teamwork are functions of the sacral chakra & many emotions go through this chakra.

It’s important to be aware of a build up of stress levels in this area.

Many chakras work in pairs & physiologically your sacral chakra is linked to your throat chakra.

If your throat chakra is blocked, it will have a negative effect on your sacral chakra.

A healer will work on both chakras to bring them into balance.

The keyword for the sacral chakra is relationships on all levels.

Ancestral & Karmic Links

There are many different versions of Karma, in India it is said to be the continual wheel of birth, death & rebirth; sometimes it’s referred to as the law of cause & effect, or as you sow, so shall you reap.

Another definition of karma is an expression of the degree to which we have become separate from God.

Karma is closely linked to your sacral chakra, this is because it is said to carry memories of ancestral & family issues from past lives.

Sacral Chakra Overview

Sacral Chakra Overview

Indian Name: Svadisthana

Associated Element: Water

Symbol: Six petaled lotus flower

Colour Of Petals: Orange-gold

Indian God & Goddess: Vishnu & Rakini

Indian Animal: Makara – mythical creature that is half alligator half fish

Key Issues: Addiction, relationships & violence

Energy Function: Converts sexual energy

Physical Location: Upper part of sacrum, below your belly button

Associated Spinal Area: First lumbar vertebra

Physiological System: Genitourinary – genitals

Endocrine Glands: Adrenals

Nerve Plexus: Sacral

Activity: Excretion

Body Sense: Taste

Inner Aspect: Feeling

Life Lesson: Seeking meaningful relationships with all life forms

Physical Action: Reproduction

Mental Action: Creativity

Emotional Action: Joy

Spiritual Action: Enthusiasm

Gemstones To Energise: Fire opal & carnelian

Raw Fire Opal
Red Carnelian Necklace

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald

Emerald Earrings

Crystals To Balance: Aquamarine & Moonstone

Aquamarine Tumbles
Moonstone Tumble

Essential Oil: Sandalwood

Planets: Mercury & Venus

Metals: Copper & Mercury

Native American Animal: All aquatic animals

Colour To Balance/Energise: Orange

Colours To Calm: Amber & peach



Base Chakra continued

Deities Linked With The Base Chakra


Statue of Brahma

Brahma is the lord of creation & is shown as having four heads, this symbolises that he is all knowing & can see in four directions at the same time.; his heads also show the four forms of human consciousness; the emotional self, the physical self, the rational self & the intuitive self. He is also shown having four arms; in his upper left hand he holds a lotus flower, a Hindu symbol of purity, lower left hand, the sacred Hindu scriptures, lower right hand, a vase with the nectar of life – amrita in it, upper right hand is raised in the hand gesture – mudra of granting fearlessness.

Brahma is shown as a child, this reflects the relative immaturity of the consciousness at this level.

Mediating on Brahma helps develop peacefulness & stillness.


Statue Of Dakini

Dakini is Brahma’s wife & combines the forces of the Creator, the Destroyer & the Preserver, she represents the revelation of Divine knowledge & amrita.

She is sometimes shown riding a fierce lion, this shows the lower human nature, she also holds several symbolic items.

In her lower left hand she holds a trident, this shows her destructive energies, upper left hand, a skull, which shows detachment from the fear of death, which is said to be a common psychological block in the base chakra, upper right hand she holds a sword which represents the power to overcome difficulties & fear, lower left hand she holds a shield for protection against that could take you away from your spiritual path.

Crystals To Calm The Base Chakra

Small uncut pieces of raw emerald or blue sapphire are recommended to calm your base chakra.

To get clarity about spiritual matters use a blue sapphire to create a connection between your ancestral roots & cosmic & spiritual origins.


Raw Emerald

Emerald can be used to calm your base chakra & can give you a deeper connection to Mother Earth, it helps to ground you so you feel more at peace with your life on Earth.

It is important to be grounded through your base chakra, otherwise your other chakras won’t be fully aligned with you soul purpose.

Your base chakra is where kundalini energy ‘sleeps’ curled up,n if your base chakra & kundalini are out of balance, you are more likely to give in to your most basic sexual actions.

People who show great anger, whether it’s sexual, or not will have an unbalanced base chakra & no amount of treatment will cure it until it has been balanced.

When anger is stuck at your base chakra it blocks the energetic Earth connection completely & you won’t be able to experience the beauty of kundalini rising through your chakra system.

A piece of emerald or blue sapphire jewellery will work just as well as a raw piece.

Crystals To Balance The Base Chakra

You can get a set of chakra crystals – they are seven tumbles the same colours as your chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet

Tumbles are just as effective as raw pieces & they are sometimes cheaper too.

It is better to balance your chakras one at a time, rather than all at the same time, so you can balance each chakra properly.


Red Carnelian Crystal

A small carnelian tumbles perfect for balancing your base chakra; you can tape a flat tumble to a painful area to ease the pain, make sure to cleanse & charge the tumble after you have used it.

Black tourmaline can be used as well.

Raw Black Tourmaline

Base Chakra Imbalances

Disorders that can affect your bottom, sexual organs & spine are all connected to any imbalances of your base chakra.

To treat this in a holistic way, you would need to look for the underlying cause, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Holistic therapies – such as crystal healing, make a body/mind connection with the subtle energy of the chakras.

Chronic constipation can be referred to as abase/root dysfunction, that could be caused by unnecessarily holding on to old resentments & thoughts.

Diarrhea could also be a base/root dysfunction, but it could reflect a habit of getting rid of things too quickly, rejecting new idea because of fear of failure.

Kundalini energy is curled up at the base of the chakra, like a sleeping snake.

The serpent is another way of describing the strong, pranic type life force that represents the surge of sexual energy that can rise unchecked trough your spine & chakras.

Spontaneous & sudden awakening of Kundalini can cause pain, heat & other unpleasant feelings, so esoteric practices like yoga will encourage slow movement of this powerful energy up through your chakras.

Your body needs Kundaliniconstantly, to restore the natural cycles of growth & decay; if it is limited,every part of your body will be compromised & you will sense a loss of life force.

Balancing your chakras can help this process.

When people are unable to accept their own sexuality, base chakra flow is held back & it can end up by showing as diseases of the sexual organs.

If your base chakra is disconnected from the earth, you can’t get rid of the waste emotions.

Base Chakra Overview

Indian Name: Muladhara

Associated Element: Earth

Symbol: Four petaled lotus flower

Base Chakra Symbol

Colour of petals: Red

Indian God & Goddess: Brahma & Dakini


Indian Animal: Elephant with seven trunks

Key Issues: Lust, obsessions & sexuality

Energy Function: Stabilises earth energy that enters your body through your feet & legs.

Physical Location: Between your bottom & genitals, opening downward.

Associated Spinal Area: Fourth sacral vertebra.

Physiological System: Reproductive

Endocrine Gland: Gonads – genitals

Nerve Plexus: Sacral-coccygeal

Activity: Generation

Body Sense: Smell

Inner Aspect: Grounding spiritual energies

Life Lesson: Establishing your purpose & survival on earth.

Physical Action: Sexuality

Mental Action: Stability

Emotional Action: Sensuality

Spiritual Action: Security

Gemstone To Energise: Garnet & ruby

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Raw Emerald
Sapphire Pendant

Crystals To Balance: Black tourmaline & carnelian

Raw Black Tourmaline
Pink Carnelian Tumble

Essential Oil: Patchouli

Patchouli Flower

Planet: Mars


Metal: Iron

Raw Iron

Native American Animal: Snake

Corn Snake

Colour To Balance/Energise: Red

Colour To Calm: Pink



Base Chakra Continued

Security & Stability

Confidence in who you are & who you trust are functions of your base chakra.

If your early life felt protected & safe, then trust is normally well established; but if there were any negative influences during your childhood, then the stresses can show in your base chakra, creating a negative feeling towards other people & the world.

When the energy from the base chakra is flowing freely, it can be described as a red lotus flower with an intense golden centre.

Golden Centred Lotus Flower

The lotus flower starts life in muddy water at the bottom of a lake or river, & grows upwards to flower in the light.

It symbolises human growth & potential from the start, to mastering the emotions, to blossoming in the light of the spirit.

Kundalini Energy

Blood red, gold & yellow are the colours traditionally linked to the base chakra when Tantric yoga is taught.

Despite being the first & lowest of the seven major chakras, it’s the bliss centre of your physical body; you experience blissfulness, joy, passion & pleasure in large amounts, this centre will lead you to the bliss of realising the Divine in your physical body through sexuality.

The highest form of spirituality in the majority of cultures don’t reject the body, they see it as a medium to join body & spirit.

Body Electrics

Your body is ‘wired’ for bliss & there is a subtle energy grid of channels & meridians of energy called nadis already in place.

The grid sometimes gets blocked & the energy flow is reduced, meditation & yoga purify the grids energy lines so the radiant light flows as it should.

Kundalini is the feminine power of the eternal Goddess Shakti, who wants to join with her Lord Shiva at your crown chakra.

Kundalini Energy & The Nadis

Kundalini energy can be aroused by using a combination of Hatha yoga postures, body locks – bandhas, correct breathingpranayama, hand gestures – mudras, chanting mantras, meditation & visualisation techniques.

Hatha Yoga Poses

Your dormant kundalini works with your nervous system to gain a completely new level of consciousness.

There are said to be fourteen major nadis, & the three most important are the ida, pingala & sushumna; all three meet at your base chakra.

From the base chakra, the subtle energy rises from ida & pingala, alternating at each chakra; if kundalini flows through sushumna to its destination, soul realisation is consciously achieved.

The Granthis

It is said the knots – granthis are energy blocks or psychic hurdles that must be crossed to raise more energy in the sushumna nadi.

They can block the path of kundalini as it rises to the higher centres.

It is thought the Western culture suffers from kundalini dysfunction that keeps you at first or second chakra level, this blockage can stop you from feeling in touch with your entire body, or sensing your spiritual potential.

Everyone needs kundalini in order to survive in their physical body, when you have an ecstatic raising of kundalini, the increased energy & higher vibrational quality will allow you to actually feel its power.

Brahma Granthi

This is called the perineal knot & is the first knot that needs to be untied & is in your base chakra.

It is called the knot of forms & names, the world of ambitions & desires & is known as Brahma’s knot, this is because the God Brahma is the creator of the sensory world.

By being stuck in the world of physicality, senses & sexuality & a restless focus on earthly attachments, you become unable to consciously raise your kundalini past this point.

Vishnu Granthi

The Vishnu granthi is named after the God Vishnu, the lord of preservation & is in your heart chakra; it gives you the desire to preserve ancient knowledge, spiritual orders, institutions & traditions, the attachment is made stronger by the compassion that characterises the heart chakra.

Rudra Granthi

This knot is in your brow chakra & when awakened kundalini reaches this point & the power to see past, present & future as the all knowing nature of consciousness can be achieved.